Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whisperers On Vacation

Do you hear that sound, Whisperers? It's the sound of Melissa's butthurt getting thoroughly kicked.

It's also the sound of Goodreads falling for BBA trickery.

Whiners whined. Socks were exposed. The good karma masks were torn off to show the nasty losers underneath. No big surprises from Loogie's throwaway accounts to Oops's temper tantrums to Dick's lack of brain cells to Melissa's mean streak. Yet, ain't evidence grand?

Having posted two weeks' worth of SS from Melissa's precious groups, we're going on vacation. Miranda and Angie have bigger asses to kick. See you later.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh, BTW: Good Ereader

A dude from Good Ereader wanted a scoop and turned to the whiners in WIN for information. All he got was whining though. Huh, who the hell could have seen that coming?


Man, Signore Puke is a drama queen. These SS were from the good old days before Melissa had Rick exiled from his group and his friends treated him like the enemy. You also might have noticed the lighter tone Oops used in WIN. Yeah, she saves the really nasty stuff for the Gertrudes in ATA.

We have more crap from the groups. So much babble, but we plan to sit on the whines for now. We hope everyone enjoyed this inside look at Melissa D's secret ATA group and the considerably less impressive WIN.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh, BTW: Jac's Marketing Plan

Ever wonder what the whole Jac Wright drama was really about? Pay close attention and see how "he" works the BBA network in WIN (or LOSE as Miranda calls it) to benefit her book. Please note greyed out names indicate they are no longer WIN members...

Just in case anyone has forgotten how this all ended, please enjoy Melissa/Athena/JBG lashing out at "bullied" Jac Wright.

Thanks to Athelissa's continuing hate, we'll be back next week with more fun!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Twenty Two Faces of Athena P

Woe is the weenie with no friends. What can a raging failed fantasy author do when she has enemies and no one cares? This week, Athena P revealed the answer.

Everyone in the universe (we took a poll) knew a majority of the posters on F&G were Melissa D. Recently, a particularly pathetic poster showed up and gave herself away early on. So much rage. So much stupid. Why would Athena P, who is all kinds of classy, allow someone as trashy as this poster to rant on Melissa D's blog. Hmm...smelled fishy when she's so careful about regulating comments. Hell, she even banned an author recently for being "offensive."

Clearly, Athena P couldn't keep her "big secret" any longer. After obsessively stalking our BL thread, Melissa D freaked out and admitted she was the preciously pissed off princess. Since Athelissa Parkit wanted us to acknowledge her silly ass, please enjoy the many faces of Athena P (Lowly Dork).