Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekly Whiny Whiner Update (10.1.13)

Oh, Johnny Be Athena, was it something we said? Less than twenty four hours after we showed off a few of the Duh BBA who post on F&G, the single mind behind the F&G madness has turned off the gravatars. We'll just have to go back to figuring out the asshats based on their tells.

So what have the whiny whiners been up to this last week? Sigh. Would it disappoint our readers to know the whiners have been whining? Yep, that's about it.

First, they whined about reviews. When readers stopped reviewing their books and simply shelved, the asshats whined about the shelves. When GR dropped their balls in Athelissa's purse and got rid of the shelves, the whiny whiners whined about the one stars. The level of whiny is at DEFCON Colicky Baby.

Riddle us this, whiners. How will readers keep all the asshats straight? They can't even shelve the jayholes with innocuous shelves like "no thanks." What does that leave? One stars on all the books by authors known to attack readers.

Look here at a sock account who one starred all of Indie Angie's books including those still unreleased.

Why would the owner of the sock do such a thing? Presumably to ensure she wouldn't accidentally read a book by an author she doesn't support. It happens and the pros don't worry over one stars or mean shelves or snarky reviews. Amateurs do though. We're looking at you Anony-mad. We'll get to her WAH later.

Hey, remember Kate Kaynak? Us either. Turns out, she's a whiny whiner who whined a few months ago. Kate is back to say that she has never noticed anything negative on F&G. Hey, babe, we get that the site is so frigging hideous that looking at the posts for more than a few minutes might kill brain cells. Thunderpussy and Indie Angie have trouble with multiplication ever since they scoured the hate site for material to use to mock the asshats. Anyway, Klueless Kate, how about this for calm discord?

A reader sent F&G a message and asked why can't they just chill? Be cool already. What was Athelissa's response? She put on her JBG mask and wrote a post with the reader's message including email, IP, and full name. Then, Queen of the Butthurt asked the hate site's regular haters if they had anything to say to the "idiot troll" who thought F&G was capable of cool.

We get it, Kate. You don't care about that reader or any reader unless they pay you money and kiss your ass. Your kind plays blind when facts ruin your lies. No, we get it.

After getting dissed by F&G, Rick Carufel returned to his brand of huh? ***Readers, prepare to have your eyes roll so hard damage might occur.

Old Rick reported a group of readers to an organization in charge of tracking gang activity. Yep, readers are the new Bloods and Crips. Sigh. Next...

Mr. Carufel decided using anon posting to hide while making people sad is a crime. Uh, was that a sly stab at the ding dongs at F&G? What about Rick's friend TrollHunter? The guy hides behind his anon handle while whining about anon handles. Man, let's show that awesome SS again.

Finally, He Who Was Stripped of His Cool Nicknames wanted all those authors of "mommy porn" to know Amazon is cracking down on their works of farts. Talk about insensitive. His gal pals Yezell, Emma, and G.D aka Gwen aka Gwennie (ooh, does Lovesick Poopy approve of all those aliases) are on that "gravey train." FYI, Rick, you spelled "gravy" wrong.

The Whisperers are starting to think Rick might not be a very good friend. Sure, he doesn't rat out his buddies like Bankie Boy. Yet, Carufel has a way of spreading misinformation that his allies state as fact, only to look stupid later. In Rick's defense, his allies look plenty stupid on their own.

Speaking of duh, Oops protected her tweets because she didn't like how her hate-filled babble was coming back to haunt her.

Wouldn't it have just been easier to be less dumb and hateful, Oops? Just kidding.

Here she is being nasty towards readers again. Look at how fellow "mommy porn" author Gwen gets into the action.

Here she supports Rick reporting readers as gang-related activity.

Oops also apologized to her fans for the "random carpet-bombing" on her books. First, is it really random if readers are specifically targeting her for being a BBA? Second, does Oops know the definition of random? Finally, we're curious about what kind of fans Oops has that stalk her book ratings? Most fans tend to read a book, rate and review it, then go read something else. They don't check to see how many one stars are on the alien porn book they read months ago. We assume her fans are special. Or Oops wanted to whine without looking like a whiner so she claimed to simply worry about the delicate feelings of her fans.

In her defense, Oops has been busy creating positive karma on GR. Let's look at how she's made the site a happier place...

Nothing says positive energy like promoting your books on lists meant for fans...

Speaking of fans, we would like you to meet author Candy Ann Little who hearts F&G. See...

Way to be brave and not hide behind an anon handle, Candy. TrollHunter would approve.

Let's finish off with Anony-mad who was Anony-sad before she starting spending all of her time counting one stars and writing millions of comments on F&G. If she was an author of any talent, she'd realize how she's giving away her tells with each post. Why even use an anon handle? Enjoy the babble...

We like when she replies to herself. Aces, baby cakes! Next, she displays an unhealthy obsession with Thunderpussy who has bigger BBA to track.

"But I worked so hard on this..." The official WAH of the amateur. Sorry, let's return to Anony-mad's babble.

Everyone called and they don't care, Anony-mad.

Readers aren't claiming to have read your crappy books, hula hoop. They're saying they never want to read your crappy books. Seriously, honey, see if you can buy a clue from Johnny Be Athena. Between the "two" of them, they should have one to spare.

Someone's doing a little revisionist history there. We wonder if her books are as creative? Since she's a BBA and we don't read their books, the Whisperers will never know.

Then she gets precious and claims the one stars are no big deal and she's more successful than ever!!! Pick a fucking lane, will ya? Her logic is more difficult to follow than the drivel from Oops.

The "carpet bombers" called and said they just weren't that into you, Anony-mad. In fact, we had to remind them who you were so they could answer the question of whether they cared about your sales.

This week has been rather lame because the same lame authors have been lame in the same lame ways.  If you think you were bored reading this, imagined how we felt writing it.

Let's finish up with Peter Pan wiping his tears after learning he doesn't know the difference between effect/affect. Dude, grow a pair already.

We specifically said you're not Johnny Be Athena. Possibly, you missed this fact because you couldn't see past your tears. Oh, and you're not cool enough to be Athena? Thanks. We needed a good laugh.

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